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HVAC / Refrigeration Service in Nashville

PMC is the number one option for Nashville commercial HVAC / refrigeration service and repair . With more than 100 years of combined experience, our staff of elite technicians can diagnose and treat a variety of HVAC related problems:

  • Service and repair of Centrifugal Chillers - Centrifugal chillers regulate the air being pumped into your building. If your centrifugal chillers need repair, PMC is here to help!
  • Service and repair of Air Cooled Chillers – PMC can take care of your air cooled chillers that work to cool the air being pumped into your building.
  • Installation and repair of HVAC equipment - Heavy, complex machines are no problem for us. We can install or repair your HVAC system within a timely manner.
  • Installation and repair all types of Piping – There are many different types of HVAC and refrigeration piping. PMC can help you install or repair the right piping for you.
  • Any type of welding related to HVAC – PMC is Pipe and TIG/Stick Welding Certified. You can rest assured that we can take care of any type of welding related to HVAC.
  • Installation and repair of Honeywell EMS Systems – We have certified Honeywell LCBS controls technicians to handle all your projects.
  • Installation and repair of package units – At PMC, we can take care of all your HVAC and refrigeration package units.
  • Installation, service and repair of Pneumatic Controls -- Pneumatic Controls are used as control systems for HVAC. LThe experts at PMC will install and maintain your HVAC system.
  • Service and repair of Boilers – PMC has multiple technicians with boiler service and repair experience. You can trust our services.
  • Service and repair of ice machines, walk-in coolers, freezer and all institutional kitchen refrigeration – Our experienced technicians can repair or service your refrigeration issue as quickly as possible and at an affordable price!
  • Sanitize HVAC systems with Relyon – Keep your workplace safe by eliminating and preventing mold and allergens in your HVAC system. Let us sanitize your system today!
  • Preventive Maintenance Contracts – We offer a variety of services for preventive measures to ensure your appliances continue to work.
  • Other Services - We perform many other services for your HVAC and refrigeration systems. Call our office at (615) 220-6231 for more information.

We understand that machines do not operate solely between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.. We are here to respond to service calls 24/7, no matter what time you need it.

Contact our office for more information! Our number is (615) 220-6231.

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